Urban Redevelopment


Our Team has prepared documentation for a number of major successful construction projects, including luxury residential developments in thriving Sunbelt cities, such as Birmingham, Louisville, Chattanooga, Richmond and Dallas, high rise condominium and trade center developments in Miami and Fort Lauderdale,  affordable housing projects in the Florida keys and on Florida's Gulf Coast, and resort developments in upstate New York.



Preparation of superior quality, approvable EB-5 documents for manufacturing projects requires a team of EB-5 professionals dedicated to understanding your business and its market to effectively convey your project's mission, job creation and potential for success. With diverse industry experience gained from scores of successful projects, UniSource has obtained approvals from USCIS for several of the largest manufacturing projects funded to date by EB-5 investors. Recent manufacturing projects supported by UniSource application documents include world class lumber mills in various states, as well as major wind farm component manufacturing.

Assisted Living


Current demographic trends have triggered a significant increase in the demand for Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities in the United States, creating highly marketable, low-risk EB-5 project opportunities for developers.  Unisource has provided valuable consulting services and approvable EB-5 documentation for a wide range of such projects across the country, including small Assisted Living homes consisting of only a few beds and large-scale state-of-the-art, multi-building facilities comprised of Nursing, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Independent Living units.



As the United States travel and tourism industry continues to thrive, new hotel development projects present an ideal application of the EB-5 Program.  Unisource has successfully guided dozens of clients in the hospitality industry with a diverse range of projects, such as independent boutique hotels in major urban markets, water park resorts, and new franchise locations of top American hotel brands, including luxury beachfront hotels as well as economy and extended stay hotels.  



Agriculture is a major industry throughout the United States and our foundation for food and energy production. The agricultural industry is at the forefront of some of the most innovative new projects currently awaiting EB-5 funding. UniSource has experience with a number of such landmark projects, including fish farming on interior agricultural lands, planned indoor growth facilities for specialty plants for multiple developing markets, and development of new equipment to support wind farms as a unique new energy source.



The United States healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, producing upward trends in the demand for new, progressive healthcare facilities and associated services.  Unisource appreciates the complexities associated with the development of healthcare facilities.  Our EB-5 project experience in this industry includes private hospitals with affiliated medical graduate programs, large nursing and transitional care facilities, and comprehensive care facilities for disabled and retired military veterans.  Healthcare development projects provide favorably marketable, secure investment opportunities for EB-5 immigrant investors. Unisource is dedicated to ensuring its clients’ healthcare business models are presented in a salable, efficient manner in accordance with the EB-5 Program.



With a licensed Building Contractor and a licensed Attorney on staff, UniSource understands the intricacies of contracting and development. We use our in-house expertise to best position our clients' projects to fit into the seemingly confusing array of EB-5 job creation as it applies to this  sector. 



The evolving landscape of education in the United States has generated many exciting EB-5 project opportunities for financing various school business models. Successful UniSource projects involving educational facilities include hospital affiliated medical, dental, and physical therapy education programs, private boarding and commuter schools, as well as specialized educational facilities in multiple states for autistic and learning disabled children.



Restaurant startup can be a daunting, high-risk business often without any conventional financing sources available.  Because of the ability of restaurants to yield high direct job creation under the EB-5 Program, such projects may obtain EB-5 funding without the need for Regional Center affiliation.  To best take advantage of such cost saving strategies and effectively present a successful EB-5 business, restaurants should seek guidance from experienced EB-5 consultants capable of assembling documents that are both approvable by USCIS and attractive to potential investors. From franchised quick-service diners, ice cream shops, and pizza chain restaurants to independent steakhouses and specialty restaurants in major urban markets, Unisource has extensive experience preparing approvable EB-5 documentation for restaurant projects.