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A successful outcome for all EB-5 Stakeholders is our only goal. Your UniSource Project Team has the experience and know-how to make it happen. All from just One Source and with the track record to prove it.


UniSource Documentation and Consulting has successfully supported:

  • Project Principals seeking EB-5 Filing Documentation.
  • Developers seeking specialized EB-5 construction documentation.
  • Law firms seeking documentation to support their clients.
  • Immigration Attorneys seeking quality EB-5 projects for their clients' investments.
  • New Regional Center applicants seeking I-924 application support.
  • Migration Agencies seeking specific investment opportunities.
  • Investment Banks seeking analytical support.
  • EB-5 Projects seeking a Single Source for all  filing documentation.
  • Approved Regional Centers seeking economic supporting evidence.
  • Stakeholders of all types seeking legal offering documents.
  • Government agencies seeking econometric modeling


Economic Impact Analyses


Maximize Your Calculated Job Creation 

One of the most crucial elements of any EB-5 project is the evidentiary requirement that at least ten jobs be created as a result of each immigrant 's investment. For EB-5 projects affiliated with a Regional Center, USCIS requires an Economic Impact Analysis which relies on statistically valid forecasting tools to show how jobs will be created for each industrial category of a project's economic activity.

UniSource is proficient in the economic methodologies accepted by USCIS as well as the latest adjudication trends pertaining to EB-5 related economic analyses. UniSource applies sophisticated economic input/output modeling to your project financials to demonstrate the economic impact of your project or business on its geographic region, as required for approval.

Our Team uses unique analytical strategies to maximize job creation. Wherever possible, we will strive to ensure each immigrant investor is supported by more than the minimum required ten jobs. Under the direction of distinguished Chief Economist, Chris Kofler, UniSource has prepared countless Economic Impact Analyses for diverse projects in most major industrial sectors, resulting in hundreds of successful investor I-526 petition approvals.

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EB-5 Business Plans


We'll prepare an approvable Business Plan that best sells your project.

A required component of all EB-5 project filings is a comprehensive Business Plan demonstrating that the requisite number of jobs will be created as a result of the investment within the required time frame. When an immigrant investor files an I-526 Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, USCIS reviews the Business Plan of the project which is being funded by the immigrant's investment to ensure compliance with Matter of Ho, an EB-5 precedent decision which governs and precisely defines the requirements for a compliant Business Plan.

UniSource has extensive experience successfully drafting Matter of Ho compliant Business Plans for a diverse range of projects throughout the United States,  including both direct investment projects and Regional Center affiliated projects. The professionals at UniSource are familiar with the stringent requirements imposed by USCIS and are well versed in the latest adjudication trends and the best current strategies for approvals in each industry. UniSource is dedicated to ensuring that your project's Business plan will effectively support your mission, surpassing your expectations as well as USCIS compliance requirements.